volunteers and RYP membersEach member church is entitled to three delegates, who represent the member churches to the UU Urban Ministry and participate in our Annual Meeting in May. Delegates to the UU Urban Ministry play a critical role in the support and governance of the organization and its social justice activities, and they serve as liaisons between the member congregations and the UU Urban Ministry.

Delegate Responsibilities

1. Remaining informed about the UU Urban Ministry, its mission, programs and activities, and providing your insights and advice to the leadership and staff of the UU Urban Ministry.

2. Acting as a liaison between your congregation and the UU Urban Ministry by:

  • Keeping your congregation informed of UU Urban Ministry programs, activities and volunteer opportunities (for example, through announcements in worship and your church newsletter, and by directing communications to appropriate committees).
  • Advising the UU Urban Ministry about the social justice outreach requirements and potential of your congregation.

3. Inviting and sponsoring UU Urban Ministry staff as appropriate for worship, social justice or educational events in your parish.

Please follow this link to download a PDF document that further explains the expanding role of UU Urban Ministry delegates.