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All UUUM Videos - In One Place

If you missed one of our Community Conversations, or want to re-watch an episode of the Treasures of the Meetinghouse series, you can find it here.

Below are links to all of the UU Urban Ministry's videos.  This video library will be updated regularly so that they are easy to find in one spot.


We Speak Now: Race & Enslavement at the First Church in Roxbury

Aabid Allibhai and Byron Rushing joined us for a virtual event to discuss "Race & Slavery at the First Church in Roxbury (The Colonial Period 1631-1775)", authored by Aabid and released in early-2023.  This report tells the story of at least fifty-eight human beings—Black and Indigenous men, women, and children— who were enslaved by First Church’s white parishioners. 

Aabid's report is part of our commitment to an accurate look at our history in order to work for a more just future.  And it is not a one-and-done project, but the beginning of our work.  The video of the virtual presentation is available by clicking on the image (right).

If you would like to read Aabid's report, it is available on the History of First Church in Roxbury page of our website.

Comm Conv_Logo.png

Our monthly Community Conversations webinar series was created to highlight and discuss issues of concern to Boston’s communities of color, which also were educational for suburban communities, such as Gentrification, closing the racial wealth gap, and the role of our Meetinghouse in Roxbury.

Please see the video library of our past Community Conversations, as well as other virtually-hosted programs below.

Community Conversations flyer QR (04.18.2023)(FINAL).jpg
Community Conversations flyer (02.21.2023)(DRAFT).jpg
Community Conversations flyer (12.06.2022)(FINAL).jpg
Community Conversations flyer (11.16.2021).png


UU Urban Ministry Events

24 AM_Annual Meeting Promo Image.jpg

UUUM 188th Annual Meeting

May 25, 2023

Click below to see the

FY2023 UUUM Annual Report

FY23 AM_graphic promo.png

UUUM 187th Annual Meeting

May 26, 2022

Click below to see the

FY2022 UUUM Annual Report

am 186.JPG

UUUM 186th Annual Meeting

May 20, 2021

Lunch with an Artist

Part of the UU Urban Ministry’s Roxbury Artist Amplification Project

These 45-minute events, hosted by UUUM Social Justice Fellow Bithyah Israel,  when we connect with a local, featured artist.  Together, we will look at their virtual gallery and hear more from them about their work. 

Lunch with an Artist_Promo Flyer (registration required).jpg
Wednesday, January 25 Candelaria Norma Silva.jpg

     March 15, 2023:  Lunch with an Artist (feat. Lisa Lee)

     February 15, 2023:  Lunch with an Artist (feat. Ayana Mack)

     January 25, 2023:  Lunch with an Artist (feat. Candelaria Norma Silva)

     March 2, 2022:   Lunch with an Artist (feat. Christle Rawlins-Jackson)

     March 30, 2022:  (Lunch with an Artist (feat. Hakim Raquib)

Treasures of the Meetinghouse

A virtual series celebrating the rich history and vibrant modern day of our Meetinghouse - First Church Roxbury in Roxbury's John Eliot Square.
Thank you to the Roxbury Historical Society for co-sponsoring this series.

Click on the link of the episode you'd like to watch below. 

Treasures of the Meetinghouse_Episode 01 Flyer.png

Treasures of the Meetinghouse  

Watch Episode #01

An Archeological Tour Behind -  and Beneath -the Landscape Restoration of First Church

(w/ city archaeologist Joe Bagley)

Treasures of the Meetinghouse_Episode 02 Flyer (FINAL).png

Treasures of the Meetinghouse

Watch Episode #02

The Organ Returns: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Restoration and Re-Installation

of the Historic Hook & Hastings Organ

(w/ historian Thomas Plant)

Treasures of the Meetinghouse_Episode 03 Flyer (02).png

Treasures of the Meetinghouse

Watch Episode #03

Tick Tock: The Historic Clocks and Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Meetinghouse

(w/ historian Thomas Plant)

Treasures of the Meetinghouse_Episode 04 Flyer.png

Treasures of the Meetinghouse

Watch Episode #04

Behind the Scenes: Tackling a Major Restoration

of an Historic Structure

(w/ Nick Brooks from DREAM Collaborative and

historic preservationist Andrea Gilmore)

Community Commercials

The UU Urban Ministry is committed to our neighborhood and neighbors.  When the pandemic hit,  all businesses suffered - and minority-owned businesses were affected in a disproportionally adverse manner.   We began to reach out to businesses and worked with them to create these community commercials.  

Take a look at the ads for some wonderful local businesses below.  We look forward to continuing this effort and promoting Roxbury businesses.

Suya Joint Restaurant
185 Dudley St. | Roxbury, MA 02119
Haley House Bakery Café
12 Dade St. | Roxbury, MA 02119
Final Touch Boutique
17 Warren St. | Roxbury, MA 02119
Soleil Restaurant
2306 Washington St. | Roxbury, MA 02119
Frugal Bookstore
57 Warren St. | Roxbury, MA 02119
Dillaway-Thomas House
183 Roxbury St. | Roxbury, MA 02119
2021 Commercial Sampler
Fresh Food Generation
185 Talbot Ave. | Dorchester, MA 02124
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