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We anticipate announcing our 2024 Tours schedule the week of May 13th. Check back for details then.
We look forward to welcoming you to Roxbury soon!




In the past year, our tours program has grown from an idea in the works to a series of three experiences that look at what makes Roxbury great.  To get here, we have convened discussions with neighbors to hear their thoughts, and have led numerous test tours to garner feedback—which at times was positive, challenging, and enriching.  It pushed us to reflect on how we are approaching this work - which aims to tells a deeper story of Roxbury and engage visitors more in our mission to dismantle racism and white supremacy culture.

We envision these walking tours accomplishing the following goals:

  • Countering traditional narratives of Roxbury as a place of deficits with witnessing the historical and cultural richness of this significant Boston neighborhood – which was protected and preserved by the Black community that has taken root here. 

  • Uncovering the ways government-sanction and systemic racism have shaped segregated communities in Boston, and this community. We hold our own institution up for such interrogation.

  • Creating space for shared learning, in reflection after the tours. These become more than just walks. They become opportunity for transformational learning.

  • Driving dollars to Black-owned businesses in nearby Nubian Square. All visitors on the tours are encouraged to dine and shop in nearby businesses after their walks.


Below is the current roster of tours being offered.  These are walking tours of the neighborhood, and each run for approximately 75-minutes.

Public Art In and Near Nubian Square

Visit the murals in our neighborhood and appreciate the artists who address important topics to all who witness these large works of art in public spaces.

Educational Institutions in Roxbury

Highlighting the many educational institutions in our neighborhood and look at the importance of access to education. Hear stories of activism influencing the generations of youth learning within them.

The Trees of John Eliot Square; A historical perspective walking tour

Enjoy a stroll around the neighborhood focused on Roxbury's agriculture and horticulture and how these shaped the neighborhood over the years.

Economic Pilot


Experience Nubian Square's shops, meet a local entrepreneur, and contribute to this economic initiative by buying local! 

We will meet at the UU Urban Ministry to discuss the tour, and then break out into small groups, who will visit Nubian Square and shop at some of the Brown-/Black-owned businesses there.  We will then reconvene at the Urban Ministry to talk about the experience.


* There is a suggested donation of $10.00 - $30.00 to the UU Urban Ministry for taking a tour. CLICK HERE to visit our Donate page.



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If you are interested in taking one of the upcoming scheduled neighborhood walking tours, or if you have any questions about the Urban Ministry's Tours Program, contact us by emailing:

Learn History. Make Change.

Questions?  Want to join us for a tour?


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The Urban Ministry's Tours Program is made possible, in part, by support from:

Thank you for making our 2023 tours so successful!  Stay tuned for our Spring/Summer schedule - coming in early May 2024.
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