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Whether you live nearby or are taking a trip to Boston, check out all that Roxbury has to offer.  

Roxbury is rich in history - a neighborhood that boasts a diversity of peoples and cultures - and that has some of the best restaurants and shopping in the Boston-area.

Below are some of the experiences available that will help you enjoy the best of Roxbury.  We encourage you to check them out.  And we encourage you to visit and enjoy Roxbury!

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Dillaway-Thomas House

Roxbury Heritage is home to the c1750 Dillaway-Thomas House, one of the oldest structures in Roxbury. This building served as the headquarters of the Continental Army in 1775 during the Siege of Boston. The house is now a museum with exhibits of Roxbury's past and present history. Landscaped grounds also provide visitors with an excellent view of Boston's skyline.

Roxbury Heritage State Park


The Dillaway-Thomas House also offers seasonal and educational programming.

The Dillaway-Thomas House also offers a full calendar of seasonal programming for both adults and children. Visit their website to see what's on the calendar at this awesome historical sight - right across the street from the Meetinghouse at the First Church in Roxbury.



Live Like a Local Tours


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Experience the Food, History, and Culture of Boston

Tours for people to explore Boston from a passionate local's perspective. We will guide you through hidden gems to explore the food, history, and culture of Roxbury, Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, and more!

                                                                    through tours with a local!

Tours in Roxbury include:

  • Roxbury Food & Distillery Walking Tour

  • Roxbury Food & Brew Tour

For guests that want to experience Nubian Square’s history, culture, food, and distilleries from a passionate locals perspective! Enjoy fan favorites at the best African restaurant in Roxbury!

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Roxbury Main Streets

Visit Nubian Square!

Through collaboration with residents, local businesses, developers, plus public and private agencies, Roxbury Main Street's (RMS) mission is to make Nubian Square a vibrant and inclusive commercial district that supports local and minority businesses, creates jobs for local residents and engages the community through neighborhood planning.

Through their endeavors, RMS hopes to foster growth for the next generation of local, minority-owned businesses so that our entire community can enjoy a booming economic future.

RMS has great events throughout the year.  Check out what's coming up on the calendar and join us in Nubian Square for the best of what Roxbury has to offer...


Neighborhood Walking

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UU Urban Ministry



The tours offered by the UU Urban Ministry aim to tell a deeper story of Roxbury and engage visitors more in our mission to dismantle racism and white supremacy culture.  We envision these walking tours accomplishing the following goals:

Public Art In and Near Nubian Square

Visit the murals in our neighborhood and appreciate the artists who address important topics to all who witness these large works of art in public spaces.

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Educational Institutions in Roxbury

Highlighting the many educational institutions in our neighborhood and look at the importance of access to education. Hear stories of activism influencing the generations of youth learning within them.

The Trees of John Eliot Square; A historical perspective walking tour

Enjoy a stroll around the neighborhood focused on Roxbury's agriculture and horticulture and how these shaped the neighborhood over the years.

  • Countering traditional narratives of Roxbury

  • Uncovering the ways government-sanction and systemic racism

  • Creating space for shared learning

  • Driving dollars to Black-oned businesses

The Tours

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Do you have a suggestion for something we can add to the page?

If so, please email: with your suggestion about a tour or experience in Roxbury that we can add to the page.

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