The Plan

Almost two years ago, we began the process of transforming the corner of our campus abutted by Putnam St. and Dudley St.  These discussions included hearing participant priorities, and design options, led by experienced landscape designer including input from:

  • local residents,

  • survivors of domestic violence,

  • experienced gardeners, and

  • building maintenance staff.

Untended Canvas.jpg

An Untended Canvas

We are transforming this space into a garden that offers both the public and the Urban Ministry’s program participants a safe, beautifully designed space for enjoyment and reflection, and one that invites visitors to look outward toward the city while enabling inward reflection and self-renewal.

Garden_Artist Rendering.PNG

A Beautiful Space for Enjoyment and Reflection

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Garden Progress 4.jpg

Together, we are creating a Peace Garden that:

  • Provides color and seasonal interest using small trees and a groundcover of bulbs and native woodland plants

  • Uses low shrubs to provide safe, subtly enclosed spaces for visitors 

  • Leaves the existing large oak trees undisturbed

  • Protects the fragile slopes to the street with substantial groundcover

It Will Take Many Hands

Our Peace Garden is still a work in progress, and it will take many hands to both complete and maintain the space.  We Invite you to get involved!

  • Make a gift to support the work of the Peace Garden


  • Join the planning committee

    • Naming the garden

    • How do we utilize the space

    • Involving our neighbors 


  • Volunteer in the space once ready 

    • Bring your gardening skills to keep this space beautiful and thriving

Join Us - Help This Peaceful Place Grow!

If you are interested in getting involved and supporting our Peace Garden project, contact our Manager of Development and Communications, Vinnie Myles:

Thank you to Jean Krasnow and Malene Welch, the Co-chairs of our Peace Garden Committee.

Peace Garden Info Flyer 

Many Hands.jpg

Scenes from the Garden

PG_Early Morning Sun and Skyline.png