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Your interest in joining our community of volunteers means that you are committed to social justice; supporting survivors of domestic violence and their families; nourishing young people; and creating substantive connections across difference to tackle the great issues of our day - racism, classism, xenophobia, and inequality.


By joining us, you are committing yourself to nearly 200 years of justice work done by like-minded individuals who believe that the true measure of a community is seen in the tangible role it plays in undoing structures of oppression.


Though the UU Urban Ministry is a non-sectarian organization, we are grounded in the values preached in Unitarian Universalist pulpits of justice, equity, and compassion.


We are working together to envision and create a better future for all.

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Individual volunteers play many important roles in the life and work of the UU Urban Ministry. Many of these roles have dedicated volunteers already serving in them, and no role is guaranteed to be available. The following list is always changing and is not exhaustive:


  • Childcare, Special Group Leader, Hotline or Community Support

  • Career Coach, Career Panelist, Mindfulness Volunteer, or Workshop Leader

  • After-School Tutor or Near-Peer Mentor

  • Data & Research Volunteer 

  • Community Engagement & Hospitality 

  • Technical supportSocial Media amplifier

  • Hospitality Committee

  • Fair Foods Volunteer

  • Special Projects Volunteer

  • Gardening Days

  • Building Projects at First Church Roxbury

  • UU Congregational Delegate (learn more about becoming a delegate here)

  • Faith community congregational sponsor

  • Renewal House Social Work Intern (summer or school-year)

  • Believe in Success Social Work Intern 

  • Roxbury Youth Programs Youth Development Intern (Spring 2021)

  • Roxbury Youth Programs Data & Research Intern (Spring 2021)

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Many of our traditional volunteer roles have been reimagined to suit the reality of increased digital interaction due to COVID-19. In addition to some reformatted existing roles, we have also created new roles to capitalize on the increase in virtual community in 2020.

  • Social Media Ambassador 

  • Arts & Humanities Spotlight Virtual Event Hosting & Support

  • Record an educational series!

  • Policy Advocate

  • Domestic Violence or Racial Justice Legislation Advocate

Questions? Email:

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