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In a recent staff meeting, we were asked to reflect on what we love about the changing season -- and what we welcome about fall.

So many of us shared that we love autumnal cooking! It is in that spirit that we share the video below, created by Laura, one of the youth who attended our summer youth employment program. One activity Laura and her peers did this summer was work with a local filmmaker to learn video techniques to create short films that told a compelling story -- using just their cell phones.

When she presented her final video during our Video Showcase, she shared that she hadn't always given cooking a second thought, but that she recently started to feel moved by both the chemistry of it, and the creativity and experimentation she could bring to it.

Perhaps you'll be inspired to get mindfully creative in the kitchen soon!

And if cooking isn't in your self-care toolbox, but eating is, we were thrilled to hear that neighborhood favorite Suya Joint is now open for delivery, dine-in, and take-out.


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