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Black Lives Still Matter: A Message from our Executive Director and Senior Minister

This week, a Boston Globe article highlighted a Pew Research Center survey showing that support among white adults for Black Lives Matter had diminished from a June groundswell. In June, 67 percent had voiced support. This month, it was 55 percent.

These numbers are a reminder and a call to those of us who are white. Anti-racism and a commitment to Black Lives Matter requires us to focus and refocus, commit and recommit to the work for racial justice. BLM is not a one-time rally or march. It calls us to keep digging deeper within ourselves and the systems we built to unearth the White Supremacy that undergirds our beliefs and directs our actions. It's a lifetime endeavor.

That call affirms the gift of ministry at the UU Urban Ministry, where we dwell at the intersection between communities: the largely white suburban congregations that are our members, and the historic Black community in which we stand. Daily, that location gives us the extraordinary opportunity to build connections and do work for lasting change.

I'm grateful to walk alongside you for the long journey ahead.


Mary Margaret


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