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A Message from Believe in Success

Believe in Success Director Jaquelina Dabo takes us inside our workforce development program in the time of COVID-19. Thanks to you, we have been able to stay connected to our program participants though we are physically apart, and we have been able to offset some of the strains our participants are feeling by sending gift cards and care packages.

Program participants have reflected on what it means to be supported by our community in this time, from enabling them to satisfy their families' basic needs and keeping them connected to friends and family through help with technology, to giving them tangible ways to keep caring for themselves.

"Thank you to the people who helped us with the gift cards. I am very affected since I cannot go out to work and am unable to search for another one. This pandemic situation is getting more difficult and the food reserve that I had home is being exhausted. I don't have money to buy veggies. Thank you very much for the help provided by you." "The gift card will help me buy plants to work on my garden; this will be my self-care plan."


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