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Anti-Racism Training

Jubilee Three Anti-Racism Training

A Community Experience:
Building Capacity to Dismantle Systemic Racism

Paula Cole Jones leads an updated version of the unique and acclaimed program 
partnering with experienced UU trainers Dr. Leon Spencer and Lutricia Callair

The following UU co-sponsors invite you to participate: 

Unitarian Universalist Urban Ministry (UUUM) in Roxbury – Melrose UU Church -  First Parish UU Lexington –

Follen Church in Lexington  -  UU Wellesley Hills – First Parish UU Brookline 


Do you wish to deepen your understanding of how race and ethnicity play out in our institutions and our daily lives? This 2-½ day workshop is open to everyone–of any faith or none–who wants to journey toward making a stand against racism and nurturing a multicultural future.  

  • Friday, October 20, 2023, 6:00pm – 9:00pm 

  • Saturday, October 21, 2023, 9:00am – 8:00pm 

  • Sunday, October 22, 2023, 12:00pm – 6:30pm

*There are multiple breaks throughout each day of the training - including for meals.

Jubilee Three schedule*:

The workshop includes presentations, discussions, videos, exercises, and small group work. Offered remotely by program developer Paula Cole Jones with the support of two experienced trainers, the program can be taken in at home via Zoom, or in the company of others on Saturday and Sunday in UU sanctuary locations TBD. There are multiple breaks each day, including a 2-hour lunch break on Saturday, allowing time to gather and make connections, and break bread together. Your choice! 

What are we trying to do?

  • To develop a shared analysis of racism and its individual, institutional, and cultural manifestations

  • To begin to apply this common understanding to the history, culture, and institutional structure of our society

  • To envision the next steps in taking action


  • The long history of racism and resistance to racism in the Americas

  • Defining racism

  • Exploring the effects of racism on people of color and on white people

  • Dismantling racism

  • Claiming and shaping an anti-racist identity

 Why Jubilee Three?                                                

We asked two local UU's - Lisa Snellings (from Follen Church in Lexington and UUUM board member) and Josh Shortlidge (from Melrose UU Church) -  to share what their experience was like taking this anti-racism training last year.

Watch this short video to hear why Josh and Lisa are excited that Jubilee Three is being offered to our community in October.

Register Today and Secure Your Spot to Join Us in October

Enrollment is limited so sign up today! $170 per participant and $85 for second and third person in household. 

Click on the button below to register and secure your spot now!

For more information, contact:


“My world has expanded dramatically.”

“[The weekend] truly changed my life, how I see the world, and who I am as a human being…. I did not expect

to be transformed… but that is exactly what has happened.”

“The Jubilee has given me the words and the strength to stand up and be the one to bring the hard conversations

to the table.”

“This training will give you a lot of food for thought as well as tools to use in these challenging times.”

“It was like peeling an onion; we were able to  delve into new and deeper levels of understanding.
Thank you to the trainers for this great opportunity to gain crucialpoints of awareness around
racial justice!” 

The Trainers 

Screenshot 2023-06-20 164640.jpg

Paula Cole Jones

Paula Cole Jones is a lifelong Unitarian Universalist and a management consultant with over twenty years of experience in designing and facilitating workshops and dialogues for leaders and organizations. She is an innovator of institutional change.


In 1999, Paula founded ADORE, A Dialogue on Race and Ethnicity. She has conducted hundreds of group’s discussions and workshops across the country for faith organizations, community groups, and government agencies. Her work includes being a leader in advancing the 8th Principle and the Community of Communities as practices for the Beloved Community. Paula is the author of a UU World magazine cover story “Reconciliation as a Spiritual Discipline.” She is also the editor of a Skinner House book, Encounters: Poems about Race, Ethnicity and Identity, and a contributing author to three Skinner House books.


Paula's home congregation, All Souls Church, Unitarian in Washington DC established the Paula Cole Jones Transformation Award and made her the inaugural recipient. 

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Lutricia Callair

Social justice activist, Licensed Clinical  Social Worker, organizer, and author, Lutricia is CEO of The Center for Healing and Wellness, a state certified agency offering mental health and other clinical services to individuals, families, and groups.


In addition to Jubilee, Lutricia conducts anti-violence trainings and community building workshops. Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Beloved Community, Lutricia developed and leads a process called Kinship Circles. The Kinship Circle mission is to introduce and promote a way  of being that brings people together to help overcome oppression and bigotries that separate us. 

Screenshot 2023-06-20 170438.jpg

Dr. Leon Spencer

Dr. Spencer’s work on behalf of anti-racism and anti-oppression efforts for Unitarian Universalist congregations began in 1985 when he  helped establish the Black Concerns Working Group.


In addition to Jubilee, he has participated with the Journey Toward Wholeness Transformation Team and the Diverse and Revolutionary UU Multicultural Ministries. He served as UUA Interim Co-President in 2017 and is professor emeritus at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA.  

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