Community Development: Jericho Road Roxbury

dudleystationJericho Road Roxbury is a new collaborative initiative between the Jericho Road Project and the UU Urban Ministry to establish a new Jericho Road site in Roxbury. The Jericho Road model is essentially a service grant program that matches volunteer experts with the needs of nonprofits to help strengthen their operations and service delivery. Each Jericho Road site focuses on a specific community, and there are currently five ongoing projects: Lowell, Mass.; Worcester, Mass.; Lynn, Mass.; Lawrence, Mass.; and Pasadena, Calif.

Focused on the Roxbury community, Jericho Road Roxbury will join these other Jericho Road sites in providing pro bono consulting services to nonprofits. In Roxbury, many nonprofits have been established over the years to address particular areas of service or advocacy. Most are small, operate on shoestring budgets and have few resources. Consequently, they expend a great deal of time and energy on organizational survival. Nevertheless, these nonprofits provide vital services in areas where holes exist in the social safety net. With Jericho Road Roxbury, we will improve the quality of life in Roxbury by strengthening the management and operations of nonprofits, which in turn can serve the community more effectively and efficiently.

Click here to visit Jericho Road Roxbury’s website to learn more about this program.