A Need

What comes next depends on you. Will you help?

Welcome to an opportunity to revitalize a Roxbury landmark, a witness to life in one place over the past 384 years and a future that you and your family can help shape right now.

first church roxburyWE ARE ON OUR WAY

Phase I included installing a new efficient heating system that switched our energy consumption from heating oil to natural gas.

Phase II, scheduled for this year, is an ambitious phase that tackles critical building repairs, including exterior painting and restoration and painting,  which will be evident to the community around us and help raise spirits and dollars moving forward.


Careful stewardship of congregations throughout the years and by the Unitarian Universalist Urban Ministry today have kept the building in remarkable shape.

But there are challenges to our stewardship for which we urgently look for help. Your help. The scope is comprehensive and the price tag is high. $2.2 million high. That’s a lot for clapboards and shutters, wiring and pipes, stone and bronze; but a place to bring people together is priceless.

We will take it a step at a time. Your contribution will make a difference right away. With painting. With heating. With fixing. With cleaning.

Please contact Rev. Mary Margaret Earl if you have questions or would like to contribute to our Meetinghouse Campaign: mmearl @ uuum.org or 617-318-6010 x202