A Future

We have a dynamic vision for what is possible

The clapboards, the cornices, the stone steps and bronze bell steep this space in history. People make it a vital community resource, a welcoming place for cultural events, cross-cultural celebrations and dynamic interfaith dialogue.

first church roxbury steepleBUILDINGS WITHOUT LIFE FALL APART The goal of this revitalization project of the UUUM is to transform the meetinghouse into a dynamic center of cultural, civic and community activity for Roxbury. The thoughtful restoration of its architecturally significant features will preserve its historic fabric, while maintaining its vital presence in the community.

The work has begun. A generous grant from The Harold Whitworth Pierce Charitable Trust paid for efficient gas furnaces that replaced an aging, undependable oil heating system, immediately creating a year-round space for speakers, forums and cultural events.

More than 200 friends and neighbors attended Our 2015 Jack Mendelsohn Forum, “Tell Me the Truth: Exploring the Heart of Cross-Racial Conversations,” with Shay Stewart-Bouley and Debby Irving, author of “Waking Up White.” Our three-part “Spirit and Action” series created conversation and engagement on issues around income inequality, environmental racism, and the impacts of urban renewal and gentrification on low-income communities. “Hope Out Loud” brought suburban friends and Roxbury neighbors together in an intergenerational celebration of families through music, dance and spoken word performances.

A “Messiah Sing” in December united Unitarian Universalists and Roxbury communities in joyful song. Our annual Patriot’s Day Breakfast celebrates today’s local leaders and honored Revolutionary War hero William Dawes with a reenactment of his historic ride from this very spot to warn the colonial minutemen that the Red Coats were coming.

A committee has been charged with determining how the meetinghouse can best serve the community in which it lives. One of its first ideas, “Share Our Space,” invites a variety of underrepresented local artists to showcase their work in the meetinghouse and on our grounds throughout the summer of 2016.


Phase I—Heating System Replacement & Enhancing Basic Functionality (Completed 2015) $94,000
HVAC I, including replacement of existing furnaces and conversion to natural gas: $40,000
Exterior lighting, organ work, sanctuary organization $14,000
Project and UUUM administrative expenses, including fundraising: $40,000
Phase II—Critical Building Envelope Repairs (2016): $643,000
Wood & Carpentry I, including primarily exterior envelope work, shutter repairs $126,000
Thermal moisture protection, roofing and flashing repair $102,000
Door & Window Repairs, including main sanctuary entry doors: $23,000
Finishes, including exterior repainting: $250,000
Staging for exterior carpentry and repainting: $80,000
Critical Electrical Work, plus fire alarm and emergency lighting upgrades $32,000
Project and UUUM administrative expenses, including fundraising $30,000
Phase III—Additional Repairs and Mechanical Systems Upgrades (2017) $952,000
Wood and carpentry II, including structural repairs: $259,000
Sitework, including driveway and parking area improvements: $32,000
Concrete and masonry, including foundation basement pier repairs, front entry stairs: $237,000
Metals minor structural repairs: $42,000
Thermal and moisture protection, including exterior decorative urn restoration: $40,000
Select interior finishes, primarily structural and other carpentry repairs: $32,000
HVAC II,second phase of heating systems work $40,000
Electrical upgrades up to code throughout $100,000
Accessibility upgrades, including front entry ramp: $150,000
Project and UUUM administrative expenses, including fundraising: $20,000
Phase IV—Interior Upgrades to Support Program Expansion (2017-2018): $520,000
Interior work, including plaster repairs, painting, lighting, equipment $500,000
Project and UUUM administrative expenses, including fundraising: $20,000
Total Rehabilitation Project Expenses $2,209,000