Hold a Benefit for the UUUM

poster for AmadeusThe UU Urban Ministry greatly appreciates supporters who lend their energy and creativity to organizing events — both large and small — that benefit this ministry. These events can either serve our program participants directly by providing special outings or gatherings, or they can serve as fundraisers for the UU Urban Ministry.
Examples of events/outings for program participants include:

  • Members of First parish in Concord organized a gathering for Renewal House shelter residents and their children in celebration of Mother’s Day.
  • Every fall, Follen Church Society invites Renewal House shelter residents and their children to the congregation’s East Village Fair, arranging activities, providing spending money, preparing meals, and more.
  • Members of First Church Unitarian, Littleton, recently took the children in our weekend Explorers Club to the Discovery Museums in Acton; other congregations take Explorers Club children on outings such as ice skating and hiking.
  • Members of The First Church in Belmont, UU, held a day-long picnic for current and former Renewal House shelter residents.

Examples of fundraising events include:

  • King’s Chapel held a benefit concert for Renewal House that featured songs and verse in honor of women.
  • Follen Church Society put on a production of Amadeus and donated the proceeds to the UU Urban Ministry.
  • Local members of the UU Musicians Network organized a concert to benefit the UU Urban Ministry.

For more information about hosting third-party events on behalf of the UU Urban Ministry, contact the Office of Congregational and Volunteer Engagement at 617-318-6010 x214 or engagement @ uuum.org.